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Capacity Analysis

Provide a complete financial analysis that will determine debt capacity, cash flow certainty, value of assets, and total borrowing capacity to position the company for future borrowing.

Acquisition Analysis

Engage with owners to advise on acquisition capacity to include analysis of cash flow, collateral value and borrowing formulas. A complete report on loan structure and debt limits, along with anticipated lender constraints.

Acquisition analysis of the target company (ies) to determine strengths, weaknesses, financial modeling, compatibility, and cash flow contribution. Produce the transaction book for presentation to lender for borrowings.


Provide a thorough analysis and ending valuation of the firm that can be used for estate purposes and a market value for sale.

Tax Strategies

Develop tax strategies for positioning the organization to pass on to heirs or sale to a management team or an external buyer.

Strategic Planning

Meet with owners and managers to develop a strategic plan to take the company forward, provide strategic thoughts toward what is the best structure for an acquisition and / or develop strategies for additional product lines and/ or services, along with the capital requirements to support the management plan.

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